6 May 2024:  I recently purchased a 10+ year run of Asian Art Magazines from Rob and Janet from their bookshop in Perth Western Australia. They arrived today in 4 boxes weighing approximately 60 kgs in total. Each box was triple wrapped in thick card board and thoroughly taped to eliminate any damage from moisture or careless handling. You can imagine my surprise after I removed the outer layers to see that the mags were then double wrapped in plastic with additional card board support. Not only that each group was individually wrapped in their year group and carefully labelled. There were 20 packages with approx. 12 mags in each package involved so there must have been more than a few hours of work to put these together. Every parcel was in perfect condition, a real tribute to the work they put in to ensure they arrived in NZ in A1 condition. I can say I have been purchasing books off shore for over 50 years and these people are the best I have ever dealt with. If you deal with Muir’s Old and Rare Books (Janet and Rob), you will get the very best of treatment. Thank you so much. Alec C. (New Zealand)
16 April 2024: I have just received the Archibald Christie book. It is wonderful to receive such a beautifully packed parcel, sent by someone who obviously cares for nice things. Thanks. Spence J. (Australia)
20 March 2024: Thanks Janet. Books received. Thanks Robert for meticulous packing. Cheers. Ian G. (Australia)
12 March 2024: My Poe-Weird Tales was received today - I am totally pleased and SUPERB protective packing, by the way!  thank you. Eric M. (USA)
9 March 2024: Dear Janet.  Received the book. It was packed quite securely and it took me a long time to unpack it. I am happy with my purchase, will go through the hand written note with leisure. Thank you very much. Please let me know if you get more such titles on India. Regards. Rajiv (India)