25 Apr 2017

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92407 "Paice Letters". Western Australia to Hampshire 1926-1931 O'Mara, Gillian $25.00
91755 A Victorian engagement: Letters and journals of Walter Hume and Anna Kate Fowler during the 1860s Hume, Bertram (ed.) $15.00
88608 Audrey Tennyson's Vice-Regal Days. The Australian letters of Audrey Lady Tennyson to her mother Zacy... Hasluck, Alexandra (ed.) $38.50
88520 Bloomsbury/Freud. The Letters of James and Alix Strachey 1924-1925 Meisel, Perry, and Walter Kendrick (eds.) $27.50
90510 Dearest Isabella, The Life and Letters of Isabella Ferguson 1819-1910 Joske, Prue $20.00
91390 Dearest Isabella. The life and letters of Isabella Ferguson 1819-1910. Joske, Prue $20.00
94064 Dearest Isabella. The life and letters of Isabella Ferguson 1819-1910. Joske, Prue $25.00
93903 Elizabeth Durack: Art and Life. Selected Writings. Durack Clancy, Perpetua $29.95
77946 George Sand and Her Lovers Gribble, Francis $22.00
93023 Jane Austen's Letters Austen, Jane $80.00
93480 Jane Austen's Letters to her sister Cassandra and others Collected and edited by R.W. Chapman) $95.00
88447 Letters from a Chinese Official Being an Eastern View of Western Civilization Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes) $33.00
90189 Letters Written by the Late Earl of Chatham to His Nephew Thomas Pitt, Esq. (Afterwards Lord Camelfo... Pitt, William (1st Earl of Chatham) $100.00
93431 Lettters of the Marquise du Deffand to the Hon. Horace Walpole, aferwards Earl of Orford, from the Y... $400.00
93962 Lieutenant Bunbury's Australian Sojourn. The Letters and Journals of Lieutenant H W Bunbury, 21st Ro... Cameron, J.M.R & Phyllis Barnes [Eds]. (Bunbury, Henry William St Pierre) $70.00
91769 Pierre Bernard Milius Last Commander of the Baudin Expedition. The Journal 1800-1804 Milius, Pierre Bernard [Trans. By Kate Pratt, Ed by Peter Hambly & Intro Anthony J. Brown] $120.00
89991 Riding the Wildman Plains : The Letters and Diaries of Tom Cole 1923-1943. Cole, Tom $40.00
81633 Select Epistles or Letters out of M. Tullius Cicero; And the best Roman, Greek and French Authors bo... Brown, Thomas (Marcus Tullius Cicero) $300.00
87878 The Letters of F. W. Ludwig Leichhardt (3 Volumes) Aurousseau, M. (ed.) $55.00
89797 The Letters of Private Wheeler 1809-1828 (William Wheeler), ed. and introd. B.H. Liddell Hart $30.00
89977 The Literature of Western Australia Bennett, Bruce (ed.) $40.00

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