24 Jun 2018

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69869 A General Sketch of the European War Belloc, Hilaire $66.00
82199 A History of France from the Death of Louis XI - Volume II Reign of Charles VIII 1493-1498 Bridge, John S.C. $33.00
89290 A History of the Great War. Volume One, the British Campaign in France and Flanders 1914 Doyle, Arthur Conan $45.00
69800 After the War, London-Paris-Rome-Athens-Prague-Vienna-Budapest-Bucharest-Berlin- ofia-Coblenz-New Yo... Repington, Lieut.-Col. C. A Court $45.00
69851 All in the Day's March Belcham, Major-General David $30.00
95584 An Uncertain Hour. The French, the Germans, the Jews, the Barbie Trial, and the City of Lyon, 1940-1... Morgan, Ted $20.00
85544 And the Walls Came Tumbling Down Fishman, Jack $30.00
94975 Anzac to Amiens, a Shorter History of the Australian Fighting Services in the First World War Bean, C.E.W. $45.00
87464 Assignment to Catastrophe Spears, Major-General Sir Edward $30.00
81842 Auntie Mabel's War, An Account of Her Part in the Hostilities of 1914-18 Wenzel, Marian and John Cornish (Compilers) $25.00
91492 Baudin in Australian Waters. The Artwork of the French Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands 180... Bonnemains, Jacqueline; Elliott Forsyth; Bernard Smith (eds.) $350.00
94881 Bibliographie Lyonnaise. Recherches sur les Imprimeurs, Libraires, Relieurs et Fondeurs de Lettres d... Baudrier, Henri Louis $600.00
70110 Canada As It Is Fraser, John Foster $22.00
81437 Chamberet, The true story of a Jewish family in wartime France Morhange-Bergue, Claude $25.00
68770 Civilisation in the West Brinton, Crane $25.00
82500 Courage et Devouement, Historie de Trois Jeunes Filles - La Petite Mere - La Montenegrine - L'Irland... Deslys, Charles $220.00
76765 Crispin's Day, The Glory of Agincourt Jarman, Rosemary Hawley $27.50
94982 Cycling to War: The History of the AIF/NZ Cyclist Corps 1916-19 [LIMITED EDITION of 50 copies, SIGNE... Austin, Ronald J. $200.00
69855 Dunkirk, The Patriotic Myth Harman, Nicholas $30.00
94003 Erotica: Delta of Venus and Little Birds Nin, Anais $25.00
79099 Evader Teare, T.D.G. $25.00
94824 France Australe: A study of French explorations and attempts to found a penal colony and strategic b... Marchant, Leslie $70.00
94569 France Australe: A study of French explorations and attempts to found a penal colony and strategic b... Marchant, Leslie R $120.00
87022 Glorious Deeds of Australasians in the Great War Buley, E.C. $44.00
79083 Have You Forgotten Yet?, The First World War Memoirs of C.P. Blacker Blacker, C.P. $40.00
94487 Historia de las Guerras Civiles de Francia, en que se escriven los hechos de quatro Reyes, Francisco... Davila, Enrico Caterino $950.00
94690 History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from the year 1807 to the year 1814 ... Napier, W.F.P. $600.00
68921 How England Saved Europe, the Story of the Great War (1793-1815) Fitchett $66.00
91797 Ill-Starred Captains. Flinders and Baudin. Brown, Anthony J. $40.00
94467 Illustrated Handbook of Western Australia. Glasgow International Exhibition 1901. Bound with Geologi... Western Australia Royal Commission $1,000.00
93537 In Good Company: An Account of the 6th Machine Gun Company A.I.F. in search of Peace 1915-1919. [SIG... Carne, W.A. [William Albert] $1,800.00
87206 In Trust and Treason: The Strange Stoy of Suzanne Warren Young, Gordon $55.00
95578 International Exhibition Paris 1937. Arts and Crafts in Modern Life. Official Guide [English Edition... Oudard, George (Ed.) $200.00
89683 Journeys of Enlightenment: French Exploration of Terres Australes Stanbury, Myra (ed.) $12.00
83337 L'Abbe Constantin Halevy, Ludovic $150.00
93217 L'Année du Chrétien. Contenant des Instructiones sur Les Mystères & Les Fêtes; L'Explication des Epî... $150.00
83356 L'Ecole Parfaite des Officiers de Bouche, Qui Enseigne les Devoirs du Maitre-d Hotel, & du Sommelier... (Ribou, Jean) $880.00
95119 Larousse Gastronomique Montagne, Prosper $40.00
82796 Le Mouvement anarchiste dans les Montagnes neuchaletoises et le Jura bernois Thomann, Charles $66.00
89796 Legionnaire. Life with the Foreign Legion Cavalry Wygand, Jacques $22.00
93179 Les Colonies françaises. Notices illustrées. IV. Colonies et Protectorats de l'Ocean Pacifique. Nouv... $80.00
82071 Lettres sur L'Astronomie Pratique [together wit] 'Uranographie ou Contemplation du Ciel' ***) $1,000.00
93431 Lettters of the Marquise du Deffand to the Hon. Horace Walpole, afterwards Earl of Orford, from the ... $300.00
90926 Looking for La Perouse: D'Entrecasteaux in Australia and the South Pacific 1792-1793 Horner, Frank $120.00
91816 Looking for La Perouse: D'Entrecasteaux in Australia and the South Pacific 1792-1793 [SIGNED by AUTH... Horner, Frank $50.00
87481 Maquis Millar, George $20.00
77665 March or Die, A New History of the French Foreign Legion Geraghty, Tony $30.00
86863 Massacre at Oradour Mackness, Robin $25.00
92606 Memoires d'un Ane Segur, Mme la Comtesse de $30.00
93814 Memoires Historiques Sur L'Australie Salvado, Rudesindo $150.00

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